Welcome to the Standard and Triumph Car Club of NSW Inc.

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We are committed to the restoration, use and promotion of Standard and Triumph vehicles through the sharing of information and social activities.

The vehicles we cover are all those manufactured by Standard and Triumph from 1903 through to 1980.

Below is a sample selection of vehicles we hope will be preserved and enjoyed; all the photos presented here were taken in Australia though unfortunately not all the vehicles belong to club members.

Throughout this site use is made of thumbnail images, in most cases clicking these images will provide a larger view with more detail.

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  • 1907 Standard SMC1 30hp
    1907 Standard SMC1 30hp
  • 1913 Standard 9.5hp
    1913 Standard 9.5hp
  • 1934 Triumph Gloria Ten
    1934 Triumph Gloria Ten
  • 1935 Standard 20
    1935 Standard 20
  • 1950 Triumph Renown
    1950 Triumph Renown
  • 1953 Vanguard Series II Diesel Estate
    1953 Vanguard Series II Diesel Estate
  • 1956 Standard 10
    1956 Standard 10
  • 1956 Vanguard Phase III and Vignale
    1956 Vanguard Phase III and Vignale
  • 1960 Vanguard Six
    1960 Vanguard Six
  • 1962 Triumph Spitfire
    1962 Triumph Spitfire
  • 1966 Triumph Mark I 2000
    1966 Triumph Mark I 2000
  • 1976 Triumph 2500S
    1976 Triumph 2500S