News Articles for 2017

From The Committee

Tue 14 March 2017
Alan McMillan - For the Committee

With the realisation that the fees for 2017-18 need to be set at the Young Get Together on 1st April 2017, the committee has been working on a recommendation to take to the members at this meeting.

We see three issues that need to be addressed:
• The inevitability of offering an electronic magazine at some point.
• The realisation that many members prefer a printed magazine.
• The rising costs of a printed magazine, particularly postage.

We have therefore decided to take the following recommendation to the members at Young:
• The fees to be left at $60.00 for all members.
• All members to receive a black and white magazine with a full colour cover now folded and
posted in a DL envelope for $1.00 (currently $2.00 in a C4 envelope).
• All members to now have access to a secure online magazine to view and/or download in full

This proposal would allow members to actually experience both an online and printed magazine for a year.

We undertake to fully inform members about the access to the online magazine and to give them an ample forum to express their thoughts on the matter.

Then in 2018-19 members, now fully familiar with both magazine formats, could decide on a new fee structure, perhaps two different prices based on the magazine choice each member makes.


Gosford Classic Car Museum

Mon 13 March 2017
Robert Bensley

This new privately owned car museum opened in mid-2016 located in the old Bunnings Warehouse site at West Gosford. It houses around 450 vehicles undercover plus a surprisingly large ‘for sale’ section of cars said to be surplus to museum requirements.

I understand the museum was established by former car dealer Tony Denny and it is claimed to be the largest car museum in the southern hemisphere. As its name implies, the exhibits are mostly from the classic era with a few vintage. There are also some motorcycles, trucks, military vehicles and one fire engine.

Ferrari lovers will be in heaven as there are claimed to be 35 on display. I didn’t count them but I don’t doubt the figure. The more affordable marques are also well covered and there is even a special section for cars made in the former Iron Curtain countries.

There are no Standards on display but Triumph sports cars are well represented with a 2000 Roadster, Stag and TRs 2, 3A, 4, 6 and 8.

With the exception of a few listed as in 'as found' condition, the exhibits are in excellent condition in original colours and condition as I remember them from new. Below are a few more unusual ones which caught my eye:

• Wolseley 24/80 originally purchased new by Dame Patty Menzies
• Air cooled V8 rear engined Tatra
• Falcon GTHO Phase 3 in original ‘barn find’ condition with purchase papers showing it was bought by an RAAF serviceman in WA for $5900. (Why didn’t I buy one back then!)
• Pink Cadillac convertible large enough to have its own postcode
• E-type Jaguar last owned by a 90 year old man and once owned by Bob Jane

The for sale section had enough cars to start your own museum if you feel a need to lighten your wallet. They also look in very good condition and among them was one Triumph, a white GT6 Mk2 for $24,000 plus on road costs. If a P76 is more to your liking, a blue Targa Florio limited edition model can be had for a cool $35,000.

The museum is located at 13 Stockyard Place West Gosford (just off Mann St) and at the time of writing is open Wednesdays to Sundays 9am to 5pm. Entry is $20 with a discount for pension card holders. There is no discount for Seniors Card holders.

It is well worth a visit.

  • Museum2 c.jpg
    Museum2 c.jpg
  • Museum1 c.jpg
    Museum1 c.jpg
  • Museum3 gt6 c.jpg
    Museum3 gt6 c.jpg
  • Gosford Classic Car Museum - Museum2 c.jpg
  • Gosford Classic Car Museum - Museum1 c.jpg
  • Gosford Classic Car Museum - Museum3 gt6 c.jpg

News About Modified Vehicle Scheme And 60 Day Log Book Scheme

Wed 11 January 2017
From the Historic Plates Registrar

As of Monday 19th December the new Classic Vehicle Scheme, for the club registration of modified vehicles, comes into operation. For Clubs to use the new scheme they must be a member of one of the seven associations affiliated with the ACMC. As our club is not a member of any of these associations we will not be able to make use of this new scheme. No doubt this will be discussed at a future committee meeting.

The existing Historic Conditional Scheme, which we are now using, will not change in any way. With this scheme vehicles must be as close to original condition as possible, with no alterations except for safety features such as seat belts and turn indicators or period accessories and options. It is expected that when the present Log Book Trial period finishes next October the scheme will become permanent.

As of Monday 19th December the fine for not using the Log Book correctly will be $400 and the loss of 4 points.

If you are using your club registered vehicle for private use you must fill in the log book before you begin to use it on any given day. Private use is anything other than a club event. For all club events you must notify the Club Registrar that you intend to use the vehicle so its use can be entered in the Club Day Book. Police are beginning to check club registered vehicles for correct log book and club use.

While the existing Historic Conditional Scheme is not changing, and therefore the facility to do a maintenance run without notifying anyone still applies, it is recommended that you fill in the log book as if something happens the Police or Coroner might not be of the same opinion.

John Snape Historic Plates Registrar