Club History

The Standard and Triumph Car Club of NSW Inc. was formed in October, 2003 when 21 enthusiasts from around the state joined together at a meeting in Newcastle for that purpose.

It was felt that there had been a need for some time for a club in NSW to promote both these marques. While there were other clubs catering for the needs of particular Triumph owners, there were none which covered both Standard cars and the broader spectrum of Triumph vehicles.

One of these other clubs, the Triumph pre-1954 Heritage, merged with the STCC in July 2005 to form one large club.

Today the club has a membership of 100+ and club activities have a good participation rate despite the large distances which some have to travel. There is also a strong membership base in southern Queensland and interstate and overseas members are most welcome.

Why the two Marques?

Though the two marques may appear to the general public to have little in common, they were linked together in many ways. Both were based in Coventry UK and active in exporting vehicles to Australia.

Standard was formed in 1903 and Triumph was an independant car manufacturer from 1923 until WW2. Standard bought the Triumph company and began to use the name on some of their range of cars. From 1945 all Triumphs shared the same parentage as Standards and used common components.

The name Standard was gradually phased out in favour of Triumph during the 1950s. Unfortunately the word 'standard' had come to mean 'ordinary' or 'base', a far cry from the assurance of quality which the company founder, R.W. Maudslay, had intended.

The last Standard badged vehicle in England was produced in May 1963 by the Standard-Triumph division of Leyland.

In Australia the last Standard Vanguards were produced by AMI in 1964, and the Standard marque survived in India until the 1980s.