Archived Event Reports for 2008


Annual Rally At Young    Return to TOP

Sat 04 October 2008 - Mon 06 October 2008
A good selection of Vanguards attended the 2008 Annual Rally which was based in Young over the long weekend in October. Among the more unusual entrants was this smart Triumph 2500S Estate from WA which also won the award for the furthest travelled vehicle.

  • IMG_0911 (Small).JPG
    IMG_0911 (Small).JPG
  • IMG_0906 (Small).JPG
    IMG_0906 (Small).JPG
  • Annual Rally At Young - IMG_0911 (Small).JPG
  • Annual Rally At Young - IMG_0906 (Small).JPG

Maitland Get Together (dates Need To Be Checked...)    Return to TOP

Fri 01 August 2008 - Fri 01 August 2008
A drive along the quiet backroads of the Hunter Valley was part of this Central Region event held in August 2008. The weekend included a guided tour of the Maitland Gaol and a Sunday lunch in the park at the Walka Waterworks.

  • Maitland 2008 -1 (Small).JPG
    Maitland 2008 -1 (Small).JPG
  • Maitland 2008-2 (Small).JPG
    Maitland 2008-2 (Small).JPG
  • Maitland Get Together (dates Need To Be Checked...) - Maitland 2008 -1 (Small).JPG
  • Maitland Get Together (dates Need To Be Checked...) - Maitland 2008-2 (Small).JPG

Southern Get Together    Return to TOP

Sat 14 June 2008 - Sun 15 June 2008
A Vanguard Estate with a difference! This rare diesel engined estate attended the Southern Get-Together at Batemans Bay on 14-15 June 2008. Photo was taken outside the Mogo Zoo.

  • IMG_0866 (Small).JPG
    IMG_0866 (Small).JPG
  • Southern Get Together - IMG_0866 (Small).JPG

Vanguard Tour    Return to TOP

Sun 11 May 2008 - Sun 18 May 2008
The Vanguard Diamond Anniversary Tour (VDAT) was held from May 11-18, 2008, to celebrate the introduction of the Vanguard to Australia in 1948. The complete tour covered over 2000kms and took place in northern NSW and southern Queensland, where the tour group met other club members and car enthusiasts along the way.

  • VDAT Coorabell (Small).JPG
    VDAT Coorabell (Small).JPG
  • VDAT Sapphire City (Medium).JPG
    VDAT Sapphire City (Medium).JPG
  • Vanguard Tour - VDAT Coorabell (Small).JPG
  • Vanguard Tour - VDAT Sapphire City (Medium).JPG

Spitfires At Temora    Return to TOP

Sat 05 April 2008 - Sun 06 April 2008
A display of members Spitfires at Temora. A visit to the Aviation Museum was a feature of our Western Get-Together this year which was held on 5th-6th April 2008.

  • Spitfires at Temora.JPG
    Spitfires at Temora.JPG
  • Spitfires At Temora - Spitfires at Temora.JPG

Northern Get Together (dates Need To Be Checked)    Return to TOP

Fri 01 February 2008 - Fri 01 February 2008
A visit to the Land of the Beardies Museum in Glen Innes was part of the event held in February 2008. Earlier on Sunday morning we visited the Standing Stones and learned about the local Celtic Festival.

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    IMG_0732 (Small).JPG
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    IMG_0733 (Small).JPG
  • Northern Get Together (dates Need To Be Checked) - IMG_0732 (Small).JPG
  • Northern Get Together (dates Need To Be Checked) - IMG_0733 (Small).JPG