Archived Event Reports for 2009


Annual Rally, Port Macquarie    Return to TOP

Sat 03 October 2009 - Mon 05 October 2009
In October 2009 Jack Evans and his daughter Alison completed a journey from Perth to Armidale in a Triumph Super Seven. The inspiration came from a similar journey made by Percival Armstrong in 1929. Funds were also raised for the Lung Foundation in memory of Jack's wife Gill. For more details of their epic trip, see the Lung Foundation website at and find Triumph for Breath.

Photos taken at the Armidale Machinery Show in November.

  • IMG_1245 (Small).JPG
    IMG_1245 (Small).JPG
  • IMG_1244 (Small).JPG
    IMG_1244 (Small).JPG
  • Annual Rally, Port Macquarie - IMG_1245 (Small).JPG
  • Annual Rally, Port Macquarie - IMG_1244 (Small).JPG

Southern Get-together, Nowra    Return to TOP

Sat 01 August 2009 - Sun 02 August 2009
Nowra was the venue for the southern event this year and a visit to the Fleet Air Arm Museum was a must. The aircraft display was very good and the photo (top left) shows the tail section of a Gannett, providing an insight into what it was like to land one of these planes on an aircraft carrier!

Excellent lunches were provided at Berry by the local Illawarra Car Club; we visited a chocolate factory; and inspected a rare Triumph Mayflower utility which is under restoration.

  • IMG_9594 (Small).JPG
    IMG_9594 (Small).JPG
  • Nowra (Small).JPG
    Nowra (Small).JPG
  • IMG_9561 (Small).JPG
    IMG_9561 (Small).JPG
  • Southern Get-together, Nowra - IMG_9594 (Small).JPG
  • Southern Get-together, Nowra - Nowra (Small).JPG
  • Southern Get-together, Nowra - IMG_9561 (Small).JPG

Narromine Get-together    Return to TOP

Sat 06 June 2009 - Sun 07 June 2009
After a week of local rain, the skies cleared for another good weekend. It was great to see three cars having their first club outing: the Triumph 1800 after an extensive restoration; the Triumph Renown which is now back on the road after a rest in a motor museum; and this very original low milage Vanguard has recently been recommissioned after many years in storage. Weekend activities included a visit to the Aviation Museum; an alpaca farm with a shearing demonstration; and Sunday lunch in a Melbourne train carriage which had managed to stray a long way from home.

  • Narromine Triumphs (Small).jpg
    Narromine Triumphs (Small).jpg
  • IMG_1178 (Small).JPG
    IMG_1178 (Small).JPG
  • Narromine Get-together - Narromine Triumphs (Small).jpg
  • Narromine Get-together - IMG_1178 (Small).JPG

Northern Get-together, Tamworth    Return to TOP

Sat 28 March 2009 - Sun 29 March 2009
This year we visited the new Australian Equine and Livestock Events Centre in Tamworth and the Grey Fergie Muster at nearby Bendemeer. Club members presented a display of fourteen Vanguards with a parade of Ferguson tractors circulating in the background; a good cross-section of all the models and body types available in Australia.

  • Bendemeer Street 02.JPG
    Bendemeer Street 02.JPG
  • Bendemeer Lineup 10(2).jpg
    Bendemeer Lineup 10(2).jpg
  • Bendemeer Lineup 11.JPG
    Bendemeer Lineup 11.JPG
  • Northern Get-together, Tamworth - Bendemeer Street 02.JPG
  • Northern Get-together, Tamworth - Bendemeer Lineup 10(2).jpg
  • Northern Get-together, Tamworth - Bendemeer Lineup 11.JPG

Central Get-together, Hawkesbury    Return to TOP

Sat 14 February 2009 - Sun 15 February 2009
Despite the wet weather, there was a good roll-up for the first get-together of the year.The first photo shows some of the cars waiting for the Sackville Ferry on the way to Ebenezer; the second was taken at Smith Park in Richmond. On Saturday we visited the Radio Museum at Kurrajong Hills and on Sunday the oldest existing church in Australia at Ebenezer.

  • IMG_1182.JPG
  • IMG_1151.JPG
  • Central Get-together, Hawkesbury - IMG_1182.JPG
  • Central Get-together, Hawkesbury - IMG_1151.JPG

Nrma Motorfest, Sydney 2009    Return to TOP

Mon 26 January 2009 - Mon 26 January 2009
Many visitors came forward to share their Vanguard experiences at this year's Motorfest in Sydney. One recalled fond memories of a family holiday in 1956, travelling through Central Europe in their Phase 2 Vanguard.

  • Display-1.jpg
  • Display-3.jpg
  • Nrma Motorfest, Sydney 2009 - Display-1.jpg
  • Nrma Motorfest, Sydney 2009 - Display-3.jpg