Archived Event Reports for 2010


Annual Rally At Queanbeyan    Return to TOP

Sat 02 October 2010 - Mon 04 October 2010
Club members brought an interesting collection of Standard and Triumph vehicles to the annual rally this year. The rally was based in Queanbeyan, near Canberra. A highlight of the weekend was a visit to the Deep Space Centre which is located in the countryside not far from the city. One of the dishes formed the backdrop for the vehicle judging.

  • P1080942 (Medium).JPG
    P1080942 (Medium).JPG
  • IMG_1641 (Large).JPG
    IMG_1641 (Large).JPG
  • IMG_1643 (Large).JPG
    IMG_1643 (Large).JPG
  • IMG_1633 (Large).JPG
    IMG_1633 (Large).JPG
  • IMG_1645 (Large).JPG
    IMG_1645 (Large).JPG
  • IMG_1653 (Large).JPG
    IMG_1653 (Large).JPG
  • IMG_1651 (Large).JPG
    IMG_1651 (Large).JPG
  • IMG_1639 (Large).JPG
    IMG_1639 (Large).JPG
  • Annual Rally At Queanbeyan - P1080942 (Medium).JPG
  • Annual Rally At Queanbeyan - IMG_1641 (Large).JPG
  • Annual Rally At Queanbeyan - IMG_1643 (Large).JPG
  • Annual Rally At Queanbeyan - IMG_1633 (Large).JPG
  • Annual Rally At Queanbeyan - IMG_1645 (Large).JPG
  • Annual Rally At Queanbeyan - IMG_1653 (Large).JPG
  • Annual Rally At Queanbeyan - IMG_1651 (Large).JPG
  • Annual Rally At Queanbeyan - IMG_1639 (Large).JPG

Bathurst Get Together    Return to TOP

Sat 31 July 2010 - Sun 01 August 2010
The weekend in Bathurst had something for everyone. There was rain, sunshine, a little snow on the way home on Monday and of course lots of interesting cars. The first photo shows a refuelling stop in the main street of Portland; the Standard 10 and SS Jaguar blend nicely into the streetscape. The next two photos were taken on the circuit at Mt Panorama; the beginning of the descent down the mountain and the top of Conrod Straight.

Two recently completed restorations made their first appearance at a club event; the blue TR7 and the Vanguard 6 Estate. The third photo is a Triumph 12/50 Coupe; a rare AMI model for Australia which used a mixture of Vitesse, Herald 12/50 and local parts in the mid 1960s.

Another rare car, this Triumph Southern Cross was on display at the Bathurst Racing Museum. The Super 7 is part of a private collection we visited on the Sunday and the last photo proves that it does snow occasionally near Bathurst! Thanks to Doug Bennett and family for organising a very enjoyable weekend.

  • Fuel in Portland 2010.jpg
    Fuel in Portland 2010.jpg
  • IMG_1552 (Medium).JPG
    IMG_1552 (Medium).JPG
  • IMG_1557 (Large).JPG
    IMG_1557 (Large).JPG
  • Triumph Southern Cross (Medium).JPG
    Triumph Southern Cross (Medium).JPG
  • IMG_1561 (Medium).JPG
    IMG_1561 (Medium).JPG
  • IMG_1563 (Medium).JPG
    IMG_1563 (Medium).JPG
  • Bathurst Get Together - Fuel in Portland 2010.jpg
  • Bathurst Get Together - IMG_1552 (Medium).JPG
  • Bathurst Get Together - IMG_1557 (Large).JPG
  • Bathurst Get Together - Triumph Southern Cross (Medium).JPG
  • Bathurst Get Together - IMG_1561 (Medium).JPG
  • Bathurst Get Together - IMG_1563 (Medium).JPG

Northern Get Together, Ballina    Return to TOP

Sat 12 June 2010 - Sun 13 June 2010
The northern gathering was held in Ballina on the north coast of NSW. Once again we were lucky with the weather; a week earlier and heavy rain would have caused a few problems.

The first photo shows a ferry load of Standards crossing the Richmond River at Burns Point. At Ballina we lined up our vehicles outside the Naval and Maritime Museum which was much larger than it looks from the outside and well worth a visit.

There were 13 club vehicles in attendance. Standards accounted for 9 of that number and we were treated to the unusual sight of 3 estate cars on display together. Thanks to Wendy and Michael Hardman, John and Leonnie Snape and Lorna and Michael McKee for organising another great weekend.

  • IMG_1481 (Small).JPG
    IMG_1481 (Small).JPG
  • IMG_1484 (Small).JPG
    IMG_1484 (Small).JPG
  • IMG_1491 (Small).JPG
    IMG_1491 (Small).JPG
  • Northern Get Together, Ballina - IMG_1481 (Small).JPG
  • Northern Get Together, Ballina - IMG_1484 (Small).JPG
  • Northern Get Together, Ballina - IMG_1491 (Small).JPG

Twenty 10 Tour    Return to TOP

Sat 01 May 2010 - Sat 08 May 2010
The cars which took part in the Twenty 10 Tour of the Riverina area of southern NSW and parts of northern Victoria.

The first photo shows the Historic Hydro Motor Inn at Leeton where most of us stayed on the first night. The oldest vehicle on the tour was this Triumph Renown fitted with an insect screen; locusts were a problem in many areas we visited and screens helped to keep them out of the radiators! The third photo shows a typical lunch stop in a park by the river at Swan Hill.

Thanks to our tour organisers; Alan and Sue McMillan and Steve and Judi Wills.

  • Twenty 10 Cars (Small).jpg
    Twenty 10 Cars (Small).jpg
  • IMG_1451 (Small).JPG
    IMG_1451 (Small).JPG
  • IMG_1463 (Small).JPG
    IMG_1463 (Small).JPG
  • IMG_1462 (Small).JPG
    IMG_1462 (Small).JPG
  • Twenty 10 Tour - Twenty 10 Cars (Small).jpg
  • Twenty 10 Tour - IMG_1451 (Small).JPG
  • Twenty 10 Tour - IMG_1463 (Small).JPG
  • Twenty 10 Tour - IMG_1462 (Small).JPG

Central Get Together, Hunter Area    Return to TOP

Sat 10 April 2010 - Sun 11 April 2010
After meeting at Croudace Bay on beautiful Lake Macquarie, the group travelled to the Luskintyre Airfield for lunch and see some of the planes in action. On Saturday evening we set out on a 'mystery tour' to have dinner and watch a movie at the drive-in. Strangely all the cars were of the Standard-Triumph type?

On Sunday we travelled the short distance from our accommodation at Rutherford to Paterson for lunch and the final lineup of cars. Thanks to Vic and Pam Lewis and all those who helped make this a great weekend.

  • Sat Croudace Bay 07.JPG
    Sat Croudace Bay 07.JPG
  • Sat On Road 06.jpg
    Sat On Road 06.jpg
  • Sat Luskintyre 02.JPG
    Sat Luskintyre 02.JPG
  • Sat Drive In 05.JPG
    Sat Drive In 05.JPG
  • Sun On Road 06.jpg
    Sun On Road 06.jpg
  • Sun Paterson 07.jpg
    Sun Paterson 07.jpg
  • Central Get Together, Hunter Area - Sat Croudace Bay 07.JPG
  • Central Get Together, Hunter Area - Sat On Road 06.jpg
  • Central Get Together, Hunter Area - Sat Luskintyre 02.JPG
  • Central Get Together, Hunter Area - Sat Drive In 05.JPG
  • Central Get Together, Hunter Area - Sun On Road 06.jpg
  • Central Get Together, Hunter Area - Sun Paterson 07.jpg

Southern Get Together, Bundanoon    Return to TOP

Sat 27 February 2010 - Sun 28 February 2010
A relaxing weekend was spent in the Southern Highlands when 33 members and 12 club vehicles gathered for this annual event. Thanks to the organisers, John and Jenny Shepherd and all those club members who hosted the visitors and allowed them to see their restoration projects.

  • Summers Lineup 02.JPG
    Summers Lineup 02.JPG
  • Summers Lineup 04.JPG
    Summers Lineup 04.JPG
  • Summers 03.JPG
    Summers 03.JPG
  • Southern Get Together, Bundanoon - Summers Lineup 02.JPG
  • Southern Get Together, Bundanoon - Summers Lineup 04.JPG
  • Southern Get Together, Bundanoon - Summers 03.JPG

Nrma Motorfest 2010    Return to TOP

Tue 26 January 2010 - Tue 26 January 2010
It was hot and humid in Sydney this year for the Australia Day celebrations but big crowds came to see the cars lined up in Macquarie St.

  • IMG_1329 (Small).JPG
    IMG_1329 (Small).JPG
  • IMG_1330 (Small).JPG
    IMG_1330 (Small).JPG
  • Nrma Motorfest 2010 - IMG_1329 (Small).JPG
  • Nrma Motorfest 2010 - IMG_1330 (Small).JPG