Event Reports for 2017

D - Region Picnic Day - Burrill Lake

Sat 05 August 2017 - Sat 05 August 2017
The D Region coastal picnic for this year will be held at the Burrill Lake Lions Park. This large park has a very large undercover area with seats and tables, electric BBQ’s, a children’s playground and modern amenities. It is situated on the south side of the Lake on Dolphin Point Rd and has water frontage.

At the moment there are some very major road works going on along the Princes Highway in this area so there is only one road to access the park. From the north cross the bridge after passing some shops and at the large roundabout turn left into Dolphin Point Rd and then take the first exit at the next roundabout, then the next left and follow this until the end. (the road is closed here for roadworks.) From the south take the 3rd exit into Dolphin Point Rd at the large roundabout before the bridge and follow the directions as above.

Please bring all your own food, drink and hot water. Some morning tea slices will be provided as well as tea, coffee, sugar and milk. The electric BBQ’s work and are free to use. No need to bring chairs or tables as there are plenty.

Even though it is winter there is plenty of shelter so come and have a great day catching up with other coastal D Region members.

Contact Alan McMillan (02) 4829 0224 or
Email: stanvan@skymesh.com.au

  • Burrill Lake 2.jpg
    Burrill Lake 2.jpg
  • D - Region Picnic Day - Burrill Lake - Burrill Lake 2.jpg

C - Region Picnic Day - Woronora Dam

Sat 15 July 2017 - Sat 15 July 2017
Story & Photos: Bruce Beresford

Well, all plans were in place ready for Saturday at Woronora Dam for a BBQ picnic with free BBQs and boiling water on tap and a beautiful picnic area adjacent to the dam. At 3.00 pm on Friday I received a call from the WaterNSW advising me that Ausgrid will have the electricity turned off over the weekend, and also construction work will prevent us using the lower picnic area adjacent to the dam. So, what to do as people would be expecting hot water and BBQs. As I only knew of a few that were attending I decided to send an email to our 105 members, it worked, everyone that attended adjusted accordingly, thanks.

I borrowed a small Webber for the BBQ and brought a gas stove to heat water and everything went so smoothly. We had to use the upper picnic area which was very roomy with plenty of tables and seating.

I arrived early to setup only to find a group of Ulysses Motorcycle Club members setting up at the BBQs and they were having trouble turning them on, of course I knew what their problem was so I advised them that their BBQ was not going to happen. I offered to help them with hot water but they decided to head off to Cordeaux Dam instead giving us full use of the facilities, as they were.

Members and visitors started arriving around 10.00am and we settled down to morning tea. It was great to see David & Sharon ride up on their Triumph. We had a great selection of cakes and slices, thanks ladies, and Mark who showed off his cake making prowess with a beautiful marble and jaffa cake.

The day started a little overcast but soon we were presented with a warm clear blue sky day, jumpers were discarded and we got down to chatting and vehicle inspections.

Lunch started around midday with some having a BBQ and others sandwiches, hot soup etc. even some cockatoos and magpies joined us for lunch. Everything went extremely well considering the initial disappointing news from WaterNSW.
After lunch, some of us made the walk down to the dam including a walk across the dam wall. We all, I am sure, had a very enjoyable afternoon sitting in the sun and chatting. We started to disperse around 2.30pm ending a dam great picnic day with 24 in attendance.

Thank you all for you support.

  • Upper Picnic Area
    Upper Picnic Area
  • Lineup
  • Lineup
  • Lineup
  • Lineup
  • Mark and Gail
    Mark and Gail
  • Rob McMurray
    Rob McMurray
  • Busy at Lunch
    Busy at Lunch
  • John and Connie
    John and Connie
  • Norbert Eileen David and Sharon
    Norbert Eileen David and Sharon
  • Louise Paul Bill and visitors
    Louise Paul Bill and visitors
  • Rob Margie Laurie and Gail
    Rob Margie Laurie and Gail
  • Ray and Janice
    Ray and Janice
  • Dam good view
    Dam good view
  • Another Dam good view
    Another Dam good view
  • Dam wall
    Dam wall
  • A healthy walk
    A healthy walk

D - Region Get Together - Junee Nsw

Sat 24 June 2017 - Sun 25 June 2017
Story: Lorraine White, Photos: Sue McMillan

Stephen and I set out on from North Richmond on Friday evening for the event, after baby-sitting our beautiful granddaughter Indi for the day, and headed first to Bathurst for the night. We travelled in our 4-wheel drive rather than the Stag - we were a little concerned about icy roads, and I was concerned that our Stag heater was not working. I'm a softy and a cold frog'! We stayed at an interesting place called 'The Hallows' which had formerly been St Hallows Convent and School, but is being renovated for Uni student accommodation. The room was budget - very clean, small, well heated, with linen etc supplied, and had a comfortable bed - all we needed for a 'fleeting' stay!

We left Bathurst at 7.30am on Saturday morning, after removing the ice from the windscreen. It was a very pleasant drive to Junee - but unfortunately we had miscalculated the time we would need, so arrived after morning tea - we're sure it was scrumptious, judging by the cake and slices that appeared for morning tea on the Sunday! We were in time to join the guided tour of Monte Christo Homestead, described in advertising, as 'Australia's most haunted house!” The tour guide was Olive Ryan. Olive and, now deceased, Reginald Ryan purchased the empty, much vandalised home for $1,000 in 1963 and its existence today, with its beautifully decorated rooms furnished in Victorian period style 'is testament to the dedication and
industry of the Ryan family'. Even the much broken and vandalised, but very ornate, wrought iron work has been lovingly restored. Olive's tour was very informative, and interestingly (with humour!), presented.

An enjoyable, (almost hot!!) lunch together followed, in the old homestead ballroom, and there was the usual happy chatter over the meal. Attached to the ballroom is an extensive carriage collection, which was definitely worth 'checking out'. The meeting followed the meal, and nominated new members, including Charlie and Sharon Thompson, who were present for the day, were welcomed to the Club.

The afternoon was free, although many of us took up Paul Ballard's offer of a tour of the old Junee Railway Roundhouse Museum. In its heyday, with 42 bays for servicing locomotives, it would have been a hive of activity, but today, although still partly in active use, it also houses a very interesting train museum. Paul showed us over the museum, with its wonderful 'hands on' model railway, and Roundhouse photographs and memorabilia, then led us into the Roundhouse, giving us
a very interesting and informative talk as he showed us over the various locomotives and wagons on display.
Thank you, Paul - and Janet!

Our overnight stay was in the attractive and comfortable rooms of the 'The Crossing Motel', and 35 of us sat down to a delicious dinner in the motel dining room. Great food, and great company!

After breakfast Sunday morning in the motel restaurant and melting ice from windscreens!, we drove in convoy to
The Licorice and Chocolate Factory, located in the restored Junee Flour Mill (built 1934-35). The Flour Mill was 'not only a town landmark, but a major player in Junee's industrial progress following the Great Depression'. The Druce family bought the building after the mill ceased operating and restored it 'in a manner as to capture the 1930's feel', and now use it as an outlet for their family owned company Green Grove Organics. Many organic liquorice products are manufactured on the site, as well as many chocolate-coated products. After an interesting talk on the factory and the process of making liquorice which included sampling several!, we were left to explore the building. We could see the different machines used to manufacture the liquorice and coat confectionary in chocolate, as well as the packaging areas. There was also a large shop upstairs selling a crazy variety of kitchen and homeware items, and also the chocolate/liquorice shop to tempt us.

breakfast, as well as stuffing ourselves with liquorice and chocolate, but it was enjoyed, anyway! Then it was time for farewells to those who needed to get away. Those remaining, occupied their time before lunch by further checking out Club cars, exploring the small car museum adjacent to the factory, going for a walk, or warming themselves with a rich hot chocolate from the factory café. We were very interested to have a look at Sue and Alan’s Vanguard ute, which was having its first Car Club outing. I was amazed to find that the beautiful interior upholstery that had been cut, sewn and fitted, had been done by Sue, with Alan's help, of course!

The factory restaurant is recommended as 'the best place in Junee for lunch' and offered an extensive yummy menu which those of us remaining may have enjoyed more fully if we hadn't already been stuffing ourselves with fine foods since awakening!!

It was a tad chilly, but a most enjoyable weekend. We missed our President and Vice President and their wives, but Alan and Sue did a wonderful job of organising. We think they might have had a little experience in the past!

Our sincere thanks to you both!

  • Historic Monte Christo, the finest  Colonial Homestead in the Riverina and South West NSW.
    Historic Monte Christo, the finest Colonial Homestead in the Riverina and South West NSW.
  • Russell and Alison Napper
    Russell and Alison Napper
  • Rob Norris having a chat to Olive Ryan, owner of Monte Christo
    Rob Norris having a chat to Olive Ryan, owner of Monte Christo
  • Rob Bensley inspects the silverware
    Rob Bensley inspects the silverware
  • Paul Ballard - Giving us a tour of the old Junee Railway Roundhouse Museum
    Paul Ballard - Giving us a tour of the old Junee Railway Roundhouse Museum
  • Margaret the train engineer
    Margaret the train engineer
  • Our vehicle lineup
    Our vehicle lineup
  • Our vehicle lineup
    Our vehicle lineup
  • Warwick and Greg
    Warwick and Greg
  • Michael and Rob
    Michael and Rob
  • Museum
  • Museum
  • The Group
    The Group

D - Region Picnic Day - Urana

Sat 27 May 2017 - Sat 27 May 2017
Story: John Shepherd Photos: Sue McMillan

Susan, Jenny and I arrived at the Robson’s home for old Vanguards in excellent mild and sunny conditions to find Alan and Sue already there. They had stayed overnight in Wagga Wagga. Soon afterwards, Steve and Irene cam in the Standard Super 10 and Bruce Beresford, adorned in Ulysses regalia, on his massive Honda flat 6 motorcycle. This was our small group for the day and Michael and Theresea had an urn set up behind the house.

We had travelled easily in Susan’s blue Dolomite 1850, a good substitute for our Vanguard up on the hoist for overdrive repairs. The country roads down here are a motoring enthusiast’s dream, good bitumen surfaces and very sparse traffic.

The men and Susan spent some time in Michael’s huge shed and out the back in the old hospital building, stocked with amazing quantities of spare parts and almost surrounded by Vanguards of all phases. Highlights in the shed are Michael’s TR2 restoration, numerous body panels restored but troublesome to line up to fit. There are two Vanguard Sportsmans, numerous other Vanguards, a Standard 10 Cadet (appears to be English bodied), a c.1940 Standard Flying Eight tourer, and racks of good spares. Steve was lucky and scored some rare Standard 8 parts to help his restoration project.

Then there was the display line-up out on the grass: 3 Vanguard 6 utilities (Alan and Sue’s, and two of Michael’s), our Dolomite, the Standard 10, and Michael’s Phase 1 and Phase III (auto) Vanguards.

During and after lunch in sunny conditions we all chatted and discussed what was wrong with the world, and reluctantly left for home after 3pm. Grateful thanks for a lovely day to Michael and Theresea for hosting the group, and to Alan and Sue for organising another good day out.

  • Shed 2.jpg
    Shed 2.jpg
  • Shed 1.jpg
    Shed 1.jpg
  • Ladies.jpg
  • Theresea and Susan.jpg
    Theresea and Susan.jpg
  • Byles.jpg
  • 3 Utes side.jpg
    3 Utes side.jpg
  • long line.jpg
    long line.jpg
  • D - Region Picnic Day - Urana - Shed 2.jpg
  • D - Region Picnic Day - Urana - Shed 1.jpg
  • D - Region Picnic Day - Urana - Ladies.jpg
  • D - Region Picnic Day - Urana - Theresea and Susan.jpg
  • D - Region Picnic Day - Urana - Byles.jpg
  • D - Region Picnic Day - Urana - 3 Utes side.jpg
  • D - Region Picnic Day - Urana - long line.jpg

Shannon's Tamworth Motor Show

Sat 20 May 2017 - Sun 21 May 2017
Story and Photos: Greg Campbell

On my first outing with the ’57 Vanguard Ute in March 2017 at the Kootingal/Moonbi Motor Show I was invited to exhibit my car in the main display of the West Tamworth Rotary/ Shannon’s Motor Show at TRECC over the weekend of 20 and 21 May 2017.

The show is “invite only” where 80 cars and 20 motor bikes are inside the building along with trade displays around the walls. Vehicles on display included vintage, veteran, classic, hot rods, trucks, tractors and this year the feature vehicle was Mercedes Benz.

The event has been running for 7 years and is billed as the largest undercover Regional Motor Show in NSW. I have checked past participation and my ute was the first Vanguard that has been in the show.

The organisers, hats off to Neville Evans, aim to get different vehicles each year. They also invite guest judges to run their eye over the vehicles. This year the guests were our own Patron, Bill Buckle OAM, and Owen Webb OAM of Meguiar’s MotorEx and Summernats acclaim.

Both gentlemen spoke at the dinner on Saturday night giving an insight into their lives and careers. Whilst Bill spoke of the history of the Buckle sports car and the Dart he ended by suggesting that the future of motoring would be electric and gave some interesting facts about the Tesla that he has been driving for the past 2 years.

I spoke to Bill on Sunday and he acknowledged STCC and whilst noting the attendance of the Vanguard ute at the show, our comparison between the Tesla and Vanguard was not a long conversation.

Owen Webb spoke of his interest in motoring and his judging of paint finishes at car shows that he has been involved in for many years. It was interesting listening to his story of painting two coaches that have been made in Australia for the Queen, making note of the numerous inlays of timber from so many Cathedrals and buildings of importance that had been built into the coaches.

At question time on Saturday night Andrew, my son, asked Owen, “What do you look for in paint when judging?”, his answer brought many groans when he said “I look into the channels and under the sills to see if the paint has been put on evenly all over”, so bend your backs ladies and gents when painting your next car.

The weekend finished with the prizes being awarded to various classes, unfortunately I didn’t get a gong but did come away totally satisfied with the weekend that displayed the effort that Andrew put into my car so that I may be able to participate in these type of events. Record crowds attended over the weekend and the last person I spoke to was the Curator of the Gosford Car Museum who was driving a Maybach said “I love that Vanguard, Dad had the Ute and the 6 cylinder station wagon and I drove the Ute everywhere.” Being involved with old cars gives you a special feeling and especially in a Vanguard as so many people will come up and start to talk, normally with “My Grandad (Father) had one of these when I was a kid and...”

  • 57 Vanguard Ute
    57 Vanguard Ute
  • 57 Vanguard Ute
    57 Vanguard Ute
  • 57 Vanguard Ute
    57 Vanguard Ute

B - Region Picnic Day - Wauchope

Sun 14 May 2017 - Sun 14 May 2017
Our picnic day will now be held in Wauchope on the 14th May 2017 at Bain Park (off Oxley Lane).

BYO food and drinks.

If you would like to attend please contact Wendy Hardman on 0427 130 172 or Email: whardman@foundcare.org.au



Sun 07 May 2017 - Sun 07 May 2017
Story: Vic Lewis Photos: Pam Lewis

This event is an annual classic car show put on by the MG Car Club – Hunter Branch and although dogged by bad weather in the previous three years we were blessed with a sunny, slightly cool day which resulted in a very enjoyable day. In those wet prior years, the venue was at a lovely park in the Newcastle suburb of Lambton, however the council was not happy to allow it to be held there and hence it was moved to the car park of the Knights’ stadium (McDonald Jones Stadium) which was not quite as pleasant as Lambton Park. However the intrepid members set up a gazebo on a grassed area near the cars and soon settled in for a good day of camaraderie and fun.

We were again next to (and initially mixed in with) the Hunter TSOA boys with whom we had a good chat and happily shared the day. That is, after we managed to move a few cars around to at least get our cars closer together. Initially Arthur had to park in the next row of cars but as said above, we soon sorted that out.

As you can see from the participants list there was at least one non Triumph – go the Frog! Having said that, our range of cars was very good and we certainly outnumbered the TSOA boys and put on a great display. There was a good amount of interest in the cars and it was a good opportunity to let people see what great cars we have.

Thanks to those who came and helped to again keep the Standard flying.

Mark & Gail parsons came for a short visit, happily flaunting the fact that they were going to have a lovely lunch at a restaurant overlooking the lake at Toronto. We did not even get to see water from leaking radiators!!

  • Eurofest 1.jpg
    Eurofest 1.jpg
  • Eurofest 2.jpg
    Eurofest 2.jpg
  • Eurofest 3.jpg
    Eurofest 3.jpg
  • Eurofest 4.jpg
    Eurofest 4.jpg
  • Eurofest 5.jpg
    Eurofest 5.jpg
  • Eurofest 6.jpg
    Eurofest 6.jpg
  • Eurofest 7.jpg
    Eurofest 7.jpg
  • Eurofest Group 2.jpg
    Eurofest Group 2.jpg
  • Eurofest Group.jpg
    Eurofest Group.jpg
  • Eurofest Wills and Dave.jpg
    Eurofest Wills and Dave.jpg
  • Eurofest - Eurofest 1.jpg
  • Eurofest - Eurofest 2.jpg
  • Eurofest - Eurofest 3.jpg
  • Eurofest - Eurofest 4.jpg
  • Eurofest - Eurofest 5.jpg
  • Eurofest - Eurofest 6.jpg
  • Eurofest - Eurofest 7.jpg
  • Eurofest - Eurofest Group 2.jpg
  • Eurofest - Eurofest Group.jpg
  • Eurofest - Eurofest Wills and Dave.jpg

C - Region Get Together - Young Nsw

Sat 01 April 2017 - Sun 02 April 2017
Story: Judy Wills, Photos: Sue McMillan

Steve and I set out on Friday morning, our first stop was to spend the night with Alan and Sue McMiIlan.

We did not drive a club car as our gravel road was in a dreadful state of repair due to torrents of rain the week before. Our causeway still had a fair amount of water in it and the weather forecast predicted more rain. The decision was made to take the 4WD on both accounts.

On Saturday morning we left at 7am with Alan and Sue driving their Triumph TR7. Alan had offered us one of his cars to drive to Young but due to an unexpected hiccup at work we were contemplating dashing home straight after the weekend. Therefore, we attended in our Ford Ranger. It was not a good example for the President to set and we were quite mindful of that fact when we followed protocol and parked away from club cars!

The 2 hour trip to Young, the Cherry Capital of Australia, was easy and driving the undulating roads was a pleasure. The weather was typically Autumn, sunny 23 degrees with a little bit of crisp in the air. We arrived at Carrington Park where Bruce and Christine had set up morning tea undercover. As usual there were lots of treats to eat and all members got to catch up again with each other.

We shared our space with a family celebrating their little girl’s birthday. She obviously had a passion for horses as there were hobby horse races and a birthday cake which was a replica of her gorgeous brown cowgirl boots. It was delightful to see the whole family enjoying this event and we were too!

After midday we packed up and drove through the Young CBD to our lunch venue which was in the CWA rooms. It was a relatively new building with plenty of parking and easy access. The CWA ladies made delicious sandwiches and cakes for us as well as fruit and a cup of tea or coffee. Lunch prepared by the CWA in any town is always a winner, they have the perfect formula for groups such as ours.

Our next stop for most of us was the Lambing Flat Folk Museum which is housed in the old school building Circa 1887. A volunteer showed us into the first room and gave us a brief talk about the riots that took place over 150 years ago. This room also houses the original banner that was carried at the head of the procession of European miners as they drove the Chinese miners from their camps. This large banner now needs to be preserved and is encased in glass. It was an interesting museum and I won’t forget the three legged chook in a hurry! No matter how many museums we visit, each is unique to their area and I have added another small piece to my Australian history jigsaw puzzle.

All 35 attendees checked into the Federation Motel which was opposite the Young RSL Club.

Our three course dinner at the club was delicious and served in super fast time! This made it possible for lots more talking amongst ourselves and still be back in our rooms relatively early. As it was the end of daylight saving we all enjoyed another hour of sleep. I was certainly looking forward to Sunday’s activities that had been planned.

Thank you to Bruce and Christine, well done! Your first Get Together was a great success.

Story and Photos by Bruce Beresford

Sunday was an early start for breakfast, 7.00am at the Services Club. Rick had put on a great spread for us, no one went hungry. We all sorted out our packing and checking out of the motel by around 9.00am and congregated in the motel car park. I must remember to obtain a whistle or portable air horn to gather the troops, however the twin wind tone horns on the Vanguard did the trick. The group were given a run down on the day's events starting with a visit to Peter Kinslea's miniature railway system and then to the Chinese Tribute Gardens if time permitted after which we would head to Boorowa for lunch at the Court House Hotel.

Our visit to Peter’s miniature railway system was a treat for all, Peter's miniature railway has been built in his back yard, which was originally purchased and built by his Father. It was then extended and upgraded by Peter and his wife when they came back to Young in 1980. The track is about 500 metres long and is duel gauge 71/4 and 5 inch. He has a petrol hydraulic loco with three carriages for adults to sit in and enjoy a few laps in the pleasant setting on nearly an acre of land. Peter has also recently finished building a steam loco, 0 4 2, which he had in steam for us. There was enough room to park our heritage cars about the railway with careful management.

Most of us took a ride in the small carriages behind the petrol hydraulic loco and the steam engine. We decided to have our morning tea at Peter’s also rather that the Chinese Gardens as it was going to be a bit hard to drag all the boys away. We enjoyed each other’s company and spent time riding the rails and chatting until about 11.00am or so.

Some of us visited the Lambing Flat Chinese Tribute Gardens having a pleasant stroll around the area and a chat after which we travelled about 50kms to Boorowa and all met at the Court House Hotel for lunch.

We were looked after extremely well at the hotel and were set up with our own tables. After we ordered our lunches we were efficiently served by Kim, I must say the rissoles were to die for.

After lunch, some of us visited the antique and craft shops in town after which we all headed for home after a wonderful weekend.

  • Morning tea at Carrington Park
    Morning tea at Carrington Park
  • Pam Lewis with Leonie and John Snape
    Pam Lewis with Leonie and John Snape
  • Jenny Shepherd and Theresea Hughes
    Jenny Shepherd and Theresea Hughes
  • The Kerr’s Triumph 2500 TC and the Parsons' GT6
    The Kerr’s Triumph 2500 TC and the Parsons' GT6
  • Judi Wills and Ting O’Keeffe at the RSL Club
    Judi Wills and Ting O’Keeffe at the RSL Club
  • Peter Kinslea's miniature railway system
    Peter Kinslea's miniature railway system
  • Christine Beresford and Gail Parsons
    Christine Beresford and Gail Parsons
  • Lunch at the Court House Hotel Boorowa
    Lunch at the Court House Hotel Boorowa
  • Michael Robson and Theresea with Colin Berriman and Frank Leabeater
    Michael Robson and Theresea with Colin Berriman and Frank Leabeater
  • Entrance to the Chinese Gardens
    Entrance to the Chinese Gardens

B - Region Get Together - Tenterfield 25th And 26th February 2017

Sat 25 February 2017 - Sun 26 February 2017
Story: Ron Marsh
Photos: Sue McMillan

First off I must tell the people who organised the weekend activities that they did themselves proud.

It was probably the best and most cheerful short weekend I have ever experienced with the club. I must qualify that though, I have not been to very many and no doubt lots of others were just as good and as well planned.

We met in Jubilee Park at around 10 am, and morning tea was served in the bandstand. I thought I was going to be one of the first arriving, having left Brisbane at 5.30 am (proper time) but almost everybody else preceded me.

I arrived in a Subaru, much to the disdain of nearly everybody. I did experience some humourous banter. However I had taken my Triumph out the day before to fill with fuel and all seemed well. After I left home at 5.00 am on Saturday I travelled only a short distance before the temperature gauge crept up to the red mark. I returned home and on lifting the bonnet decided that I must have had a faulty sender or gauge. Though the motor did not seem to be radiating the heat one expects from extremely high temperatures I could not risk travelling. A quick changeover of goods and chattels and I was on my way again.

As always, the morning tea consisted of all of those lovely sweet things that I try to eat little of. But as expected I weakened. Thank you ladies for the selection, We left the park to head for “Arrajay Downs” for a tour of the property
followed by lunch.

I am sure that everyone enjoyed the tour with an excellent commentary about the farm and its activities. The little children with us as well as many of the ladies fell in love with the piglets, but I do not think they looked at the old sows and the boar and realised that the delightful little creatures could grow into such enormous, dirty and smelly animals.

We were served luncheon at the farm, it consisted of a salad with quite tender corned beef and pork. This was followed by sweets and a selection of fresh fruit and more delicious cakes. I was starting to overdose on cakes by now, but still grabbed another as we were heading back to our cars. Will power? nil!

Our meeting was held in the dining area and was fairly brief with not much to discuss. John Snape enlightened members (from NSW) of some of the requirements with classic registration, but I guess more advice will be forthcoming in the magazine.

After lunch it was back to town and booking into the motel for those of us who arrived on Saturday.

An invitation was extended by Frank Newman to visit his shed, but being over-tired from an early start and four hour drive I declined. I had an afternoon nap. Michelle has kindly written about the wonders of his shed at the end of this report.

Dinner, as is nearly always the case, was held in the motel dining room, and a roast offering was presented. It was set
up buffet style and there were three choices of meat, all being so very nice and tender. I had sticky date pudding, one of the two desserts on offer. I had never eaten this before and now I am hooked. What I have missed out on in the past !

After dinner Geoff Newman entertained us with a brief story of the life of Sir Henry Parkes followed by a recital of his famous Federation speech which was instrumental in the development of federation of the colonies. Geoff dressed for the part and everyone was impressed. Parkes had seventeen children and how he had time for his many political activities is a mystery. He has a rather tenuous link to all of us, having been born at Canley in Coventry. Just a bit of trivia for you really.

Both Michael Hardman and myself had birthdays that week, and the best wishes flowing that evening to us were much


After breakfast it was off to Mt Mackenzie lookout which is in a natural forest setting. We could see the whole vista of the
Tenterfield region from above, it was like another world. Being elevated it was fairly windy and some, including myself, resorted to jackets. What a change after the heat all of us have experienced for the last month or so.

If I were younger I would love to have gone bushwalking in the area, so rugged and mountainous and attractive.

We had morning tea here and it should go without saying that the variety of cakes and other goodies tempted the weak again.

After this the Railway Station museum called us. The local volunteers have done a magnificent job in maintaining the station in almost the same condition it would have been when the last train ran in 1989.Probably the only recent change would have been in updating the toilets. Many items of rolling stock, tools and railway memorabilia were on display. There was almost too much to take it all in, a problem I have at all historical museums.

I was surprised to see that the railway station is located well out of town, and this must have been a boon to taxi drivers and carriers in years gone past.

Lunch was served by the volunteers on the platform, and it was a far cry from the stale refreshment room fare of long ago. I vividly remember the rush from trains in the brief period available at some stations to try to have a beer and buy something to eat, often unsuccessfully.

We bade our farewell to each other here and it is so hard to say goodbye when there still remains so much to talk about
and so many people that one did not take the opportunity to converse with over the weekend. These Get Togethers are
so short, but that cannot be changed.

FRANK'S SHED By Michelle Marsh

We had an extraordinary visit to Frank's shed. He certainly is one amazingly talented man.

He has quite a few beautiful model steam engines that he has built from scratch, right down to fashioning his own nuts and bolts.

The shed is so interesting, not to mention remarkably tidy. I know a few fellows who could take a leaf out of Frank's book.
It was great to see the restoration progress of his Mayflower, as well as Geoff's 2000,whilst being treated to a sampling of
Frank's delicious home brew.

  • DSC09605.jpg
  • DSC09606.jpg
  • DSC09610.jpg
  • DSC09611.jpg
  • Ron & Judy
    Ron & Judy
  • DSC09620.jpg
  • DSC09621.jpg
  • DSC09634.jpg
  • DSC09636.jpg
  • Farm entry c.jpg
    Farm entry c.jpg
  • DSC09654.jpg
  • DSC09662.jpg
  • DSC09666.jpg
  • DSC09668.jpg
  • DSC09685.jpg
  • DSC09692.jpg
  • DSC09694.jpg
  • DSC09695.jpg
  • DSC09702.jpg
  • DSC09709.jpg
  • DSC09718.jpg
  • DSC09723.jpg
  • DSC09729.jpg
  • DSC09735.jpg
  • DSC09739.jpg
  • DSC09743.jpg
  • station lineup 2 c.jpg
    station lineup 2 c.jpg
  • DSC09749.jpg
  • DSC09760.jpg
  • DSC09777.jpg
  • station lunch c.jpg
    station lunch c.jpg
  • DSC09779.jpg
  • DSC09780.jpg
  • Frank
  • Our Group
    Our Group
  • B - Region Get Together - Tenterfield 25th And 26th February 2017 - DSC09605.jpg
  • B - Region Get Together - Tenterfield 25th And 26th February 2017 - DSC09606.jpg
  • B - Region Get Together - Tenterfield 25th And 26th February 2017 - DSC09610.jpg
  • B - Region Get Together - Tenterfield 25th And 26th February 2017 - DSC09611.jpg
  • Ron & Judy
    B - Region Get Together - Tenterfield 25th And 26th February 2017 - Ron & Judy
  • B - Region Get Together - Tenterfield 25th And 26th February 2017 - DSC09620.jpg
  • B - Region Get Together - Tenterfield 25th And 26th February 2017 - DSC09621.jpg
  • B - Region Get Together - Tenterfield 25th And 26th February 2017 - DSC09634.jpg
  • B - Region Get Together - Tenterfield 25th And 26th February 2017 - DSC09636.jpg
  • B - Region Get Together - Tenterfield 25th And 26th February 2017 - Farm entry c.jpg
  • B - Region Get Together - Tenterfield 25th And 26th February 2017 - DSC09654.jpg
  • B - Region Get Together - Tenterfield 25th And 26th February 2017 - DSC09662.jpg
  • B - Region Get Together - Tenterfield 25th And 26th February 2017 - DSC09666.jpg
  • B - Region Get Together - Tenterfield 25th And 26th February 2017 - DSC09668.jpg
  • B - Region Get Together - Tenterfield 25th And 26th February 2017 - DSC09685.jpg
  • B - Region Get Together - Tenterfield 25th And 26th February 2017 - DSC09692.jpg
  • B - Region Get Together - Tenterfield 25th And 26th February 2017 - DSC09694.jpg
  • B - Region Get Together - Tenterfield 25th And 26th February 2017 - DSC09695.jpg
  • B - Region Get Together - Tenterfield 25th And 26th February 2017 - DSC09702.jpg
  • B - Region Get Together - Tenterfield 25th And 26th February 2017 - DSC09709.jpg
  • B - Region Get Together - Tenterfield 25th And 26th February 2017 - DSC09718.jpg
  • B - Region Get Together - Tenterfield 25th And 26th February 2017 - DSC09723.jpg
  • B - Region Get Together - Tenterfield 25th And 26th February 2017 - DSC09729.jpg
  • B - Region Get Together - Tenterfield 25th And 26th February 2017 - DSC09735.jpg
  • B - Region Get Together - Tenterfield 25th And 26th February 2017 - DSC09739.jpg
  • B - Region Get Together - Tenterfield 25th And 26th February 2017 - DSC09743.jpg
  • B - Region Get Together - Tenterfield 25th And 26th February 2017 - station lineup 2 c.jpg
  • B - Region Get Together - Tenterfield 25th And 26th February 2017 - DSC09749.jpg
  • B - Region Get Together - Tenterfield 25th And 26th February 2017 - DSC09760.jpg
  • B - Region Get Together - Tenterfield 25th And 26th February 2017 - DSC09777.jpg
  • B - Region Get Together - Tenterfield 25th And 26th February 2017 - station lunch c.jpg
  • B - Region Get Together - Tenterfield 25th And 26th February 2017 - DSC09779.jpg
  • B - Region Get Together - Tenterfield 25th And 26th February 2017 - DSC09780.jpg
  • Frank
    B - Region Get Together - Tenterfield 25th And 26th February 2017 - Frank
  • Our Group
    B - Region Get Together - Tenterfield 25th And 26th February 2017 - Our Group

D-region - Picnic Day, Harden 11th February 2017

Sat 11 February 2017 - Sat 11 February 2017
Story: John Shepherd, Photos: Sue McMillan

This was by far the hottest STCC event Jenny and I have attended in nearly 12 years! With temperatures soaring for a number of days into the 40-45° range, the appeal of driving in a classic car was reduced, so nearly everybody present arrived in a modern. The last time Jenny and I attended an STCC event in a modern was in winter 2015, when it snowed in the Southern Highlands and Tablelands, and we were bound for Quirindi – what a contrast!

We booked in at Cootamundra for Friday night, and we were joined by Steve and Irene Byles at the Wattle Tree Motel, and enjoyed dinner at the RSL. On Saturday morning our progress to Harden was impeded by two stretches of road works, delaying us about 15 minutes. Michael and Theresea arrived straight from Urana and made for a full complement of Border members.

There was a wonderful turn-up of members and we all sat in the shade of Tim O’Keefe’s pistachio tree; his house was cooler but everyone decided to stay outside. Tim’s cars on display were his Dolomite Sprint, Hillman Imp GT, Chrysler Charger R/T 4, and a small Suzuki 4WD. Peter and Sue McCarthy came in their gold-coloured 2500S.

Some of us looked at Tim’s GT6 restoration that is forging ahead. This white example (ex Steve Wills’ shed) is very rusty around the lower parts of the body (rear valance, door sills and floor), but this is no barrier to Tim with his MIG and spot welding skills, and the steel body shell will be as good as new soon. The chassis is solid, and all the mechanicals are there. Tim has collected many new parts and the car should be a fine restoration before long.

Jenny and I met Hazel and Malcolm Roxburgh from Bywong, just north of Canberra, for the first time and renewed our friendships with everyone there after a long
gap since the Cooma Get Together last year. We are now getting back to a settled condition in our new abode in Thurgoona, and intend to drive the Vanguard 6 estate north to a number of events this year.

The usual array of delicious cakes did not disappear as rapidly as usual but everyone was very happy to enjoy Marg and Sue’s very welcome sliced melon.

Thank you very much Alan and Tim for organising this event. Tim’s lovely garden is an excellent place to meet.

  • Vehicle Lineup
    Vehicle Lineup
  • Our host - Tim
    Our host - Tim
  • Our picnic under the trees...
    Our picnic under the trees...
  • John Shepherd catches up with Hazel Roxburgh
    John Shepherd catches up with Hazel Roxburgh
  • Alan addressing the group...
    Alan addressing the group...
  • Bruce and John discussing the weather...
    Bruce and John discussing the weather...
  • Rob and Marg...
    Rob and Marg...
  • Judi and Peter...
    Judi and Peter...
  • Tim and Ron...
    Tim and Ron...
  • mc plus rox c.jpg
    mc plus rox c.jpg
  • Tim's GT6 restoration...
    Tim's GT6 restoration...
  • Tim's GT6 restoration...
    Tim's GT6 restoration...

2017 Carnivale

Thu 26 January 2017 - Thu 26 January 2017
Story: Sue McMillan
Photos: Sue McMillan and Pam Lewis

What a great turnout the STCC had for the CARnivale display in Parramatta Park this year! There were nine club cars covering a wide variety of models.

The day began very early as we all had to be at the muster point, the Greek Orthodox Church in Parramatta at 6.00am, to leave at 7.00am in the first convoy. Most of us who live outside the Sydney area travelled to the city on Wednesday which gave an excellent opportunity to catch up again after the Christmas break.

The convoys and the parking in the park ran smoothly and we had erected the banners and claimed a large area under some shade trees to sit not too far from the vehicles by 7.30am. It was very fortuitous that the weather was overcast and balmy with a slight breeze, and not the 40 degree heat of a day or two earlier.

There were a sizeable number of people already there to greet us when we first arrived and that number increased as the day wore on. There were lots of admirers, some who wished they could have this car or that and many, many photographers. Paul Ballard said that whenever he went anywhere near his car he would see someone having their photograph taken with it.

As we relaxed during the day some non displaying members dropped in for a chat. These were Colin Berriman, Henry Black and Joyce Brett, John Graham, Brian Jones, and Frank Leabeater’s daughter Merrill and her husband David.

We were also visited by three people who expressed an interest in joining the club. Seeing the cars on the road inspires some who have a project in the shed to start work and others to actually find a vehicle.

Our three club banners were visible for a great distance across the park as they are tall and bright, they serve us very well in a display not only to mark out our vehicles but to enable people to find them, sometimes it is even us who find this useful.

To some of us the most interesting aspect of the Park besides the cars was Old Government House so we took the opportunity to have a short guided tour through it and learn of the very early history of their area.

If you were young, or young at heart maybe, there were show ground rides and music shows to keep you amused but we were happy to sit in the shade and chat. Even though the day is long, you must stay until 5.00pm, time soon passes and we had to pack up and say farewell before heading home.

Maybe next year we can entice even more members to join us.

  • Our three club banners were visible for a great distance across the park as they are tall and bright
    Our three club banners were visible for a great distance across the park as they are tall and bright
  • Bruce and Christine Beresford
    Bruce and Christine Beresford
  • Quite a crowd
    Quite a crowd
  • There are our club banners visible in the distance
    There are our club banners visible in the distance
  • Vic and Pam Lewis
    Vic and Pam Lewis
  • Our picnic spot in the shade under the trees
    Our picnic spot in the shade under the trees
  • Were's the fire?
    Were's the fire?
  • Our lineup
    Our lineup
  • Our lineup
    Our lineup