Vehicles Covered

The STCC covers all vehicles manufactured by both the Standard Motor Company and the Triumph Motor Company. This includes vehicles produced after 1961 by Standard-Triumph, as a division of Leyland, and finally the Triumph Motor Company as part of the British Leyland organisation. The last Triumph designed vehicles were assembled at Canley in the early 1980s.

In Australia, many of the early Standard and Triumph vehicles were fitted with locally built bodies. Some of the more well known body builders of the time, including Holden, TJ Richards, Floods and Ruskins were contracted to build bodies by the various company agents in each state. With so many different body builders involved in car assembly there were many variations!

After 1945, production was gradually concentrated in Victoria at the Standard Motor Company (Australia) assembly plant of Port Melbourne. In 1958, Standard Motor Products, the holding company which controlled the assembly and marketing of Standard and Triumph vehicles in Australia, changed its name to become Australian Motor Industries (AMI). Under an agreement made between SMC and Standard Motor Products in 1952, AMI continued to assemble Triumph cars until mid 1976. Leyland Australia then took control of the assembly and distribution of Triumph cars and the last 2500 models were released in 1978.

Post war production was based on CKD packs which were imported from England. Australian made components were used to comply with local content rules and as a result many Standard-Triumph vehicles were produced with features which are uniquely Australian.

Some Standard and Triumph vehicles were fully imported into Australia, but as they attracted a higher import duty their numbers are fewer.

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  • 1924 SLO4 Warwick
    1924 SLO4 Warwick
  • 1934 Triumph Gloria Ten
    1934 Triumph Gloria Ten
  • 1935 Standard 20
    1935 Standard 20
  • 1938 Triumph Dolomite 6
    1938 Triumph Dolomite 6
  • 1950 Vanguard Phase IA
    1950 Vanguard Phase IA
  • 1954 Vanguard Phase II
    1954 Vanguard Phase II
  • 1964 Vanguard Six
    1964 Vanguard Six